Wireless N Outdoor Bridge DAP-F3704-I



Wireless N Outdoor Bridge DAP-F3704-I

DAP-F3704-I is a powerful wireless broadband access and transmission product. This Product’s build in VTrans technology incorporates a number of industry leading core technologies including MIMO-OFDM, TDMA, Auto ACK etc. to ensure high throughput and reliable wireless signal coverage under various application scenarios.

TDMA technology allows each device to work in a set time slot and overcomes the limitation of the traditional Wi-Fi can only transfer a few hundred meters, it can overcome the shortcomings of the 802.11 protocol, supporting remote point to multi-point communication.

DAP-F3704-I has a maximum transmission rate of 300 mbps, excellent long-distance transmission performance, and can transmit multi-channel HD videos. It can be used as point to point and point to multi-point remote access wireless bridge.

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