K1000 All-in-one Video Management Server

Spec: T/2U
· Up to 8 HDDs, 1000 channels
· 16 1080P decoding
· Video input/output 400M
· Recording/forwarding channel 200
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The K1000 is an all-in-one server that combines Tiandy's powerful video central management system, Easy7 CMS, with stream service and storage service. The K1000 can manage network cameras for recording, live view, playback, E-map, video wall etc,. With the power of VMS, sophisticated alarm management is possible, as well as central management. The K1000's unique design provides both powerful storage and advanced centralized video management capabilities.

· 2U front panel HDD slots design, support up to 8 HDDs

· Support centralized storage, decoding, forwarding and management of IP cameras, stream servers, NVRs and decoders, up to

1000 channels

· Support 2 HDMI & 1VGA output interfaces and 16 1080P decoding

· Linux OS embedded operating system

· Support web management UI

· Video input bandwidth 400M, output bandwidth 400M;

Video recording channel 200/ Forwarding channel 200 ( Disable face recognition)

· Support local video storage

· Support NTP function

· Support RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60

· Able to operate the configuration and monitor the status of disk and RAID group by adopting visible management UI

· Able to conduct human, vehicle, attendance, device and access control

· Able to conduct face search

· Able to conduct early warning linkage


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