DVX-8000M SMB Enhanced IP-PBX


For businesses who have strict policies about networking and reliability,
DVX-8000 is the right choice. Especially for normal office setup (for call centers see DVX-9000  and higher),
The DVX-8000 supports an enhanced switchboard with unlimited buttons, instant messaging and voice mail explorer.
DVX-8000 phone system series supports up to 300 users and up to 60 concurrent calls in normal office settings. In hybrid settings it can support up to 60 analog extensions
which makes it perfect for implementations with high-density existing infrastructure that is costly to replace, such as in some hotels, hospitals and other organizations. DVX-8000 also supports up to 2 PRI lines. Running EasyVoIZ operating system.

The DVX-8000 supports up to 300 extensions, which can be located anywhere with Internet access. Multiple units can be used to increase the number of extensions or unite a company that has many locations under a single PBX system.

The PBX phone features are user adjustable via the DVX-8000’s web configuration tool. The administrator assigns each extension a profile of telephony features, which allows the best match for a user’s job function. Each user can fine-tune their assigned profile via the web to match their daily business schedule.

Phone conferencing is typically an expensive external hardware or service. The DVX-8000 includes a phone conferencing bridge, which makes it unsurpassed for value and features. Users are able to schedule and invite parties to conferences via the web configuration.

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